Raffle tidbit

A couple of days ago, I was calling this week’s winners of the raffle prizes.  Most of the calls ended up in voicemail, but some people were home…and one call was just so funny that I have to mention it here (and no, I don’t actually remember who this conversation was with!):

Phone rings.  The dad of the child raffle winner answers.

Me:  Hi, this is Abby calling from the library.

The dad:  Oh, no, we have an overdue book?!?!?!

Me:  No, no, no – much better than that!

The dad (excitedly):  Some books came in for us?!!!!!!

Me:  No, even better than that – your [son/daughter] won a gift certificate for a pizza!

The dad:  Awesome!!!!!!  We’ll be right down!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that’s a library lover if I ever met one.  I hope the whole family enjoyed that pizza.  (And thanks to the pizza place that donated the certificate.)