Man in the Moon

Last Sunday, to assuage my guilt at wasting time watching the Olympics, I decided to multitask and make a necklace while observing other people being active (which always makes me feel woefully chubby and out of shape).  The necklace is one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time – not a design of my own, but a combination of two projects (handmade chain and a single earring, used as a pendant) from Jodi Bombadier’s book Weave, Wrap, Coil.

I LOVE this necklace, and I’ve been wearing it all week.  It’s just so bright and shiny, and looks great with a scoop neck black shirt.  I had dinner with my dad last night, and showed it off to him.  As he examined it, he kindly remarked that it looked professionally done (aw, gee, shucks), and then asked me if it was the Man in the Moon.  What an absolutely perfect name.  I love it.

I’ve put a photo of my new favorite Man in the Moon necklace below, as well as some photos that transferred from my camera to my computer automatically when I retrieved the necklace photo.  Not being much of a photo bug, there are some old-new photos that I just rediscovered, and I included three of my favorites below: two of the Concord Independent Battery horses in the Patriots’ Day parade – look carefully at the brown horse; a photo of my sweet little Ophy cat, who currently isn’t feeling too great – hopefully she’ll get better soon; and a picture of the sun lighting up one of our glass doorknobs.

2 thoughts on “Man in the Moon”

  1. Is the horse missing an eye? (I think he’s technically a chestnut — he looks reddish, at least, in the photo.)

    LOVE the necklace! Make more!!!

  2. Ah, you horse people. Looks brown to me…but yes, he’s missing an eye. Jim and I did a total double-take at the parade in April. The horse didn’t seem to be much affected by his missing eye.

    Glad you like the necklace! Next up: create my own pendant design. Working on that. Meanwhile, I owe Judy a bracelet to replace the one that broke (I haven’t forgotten, Judy!!).

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