Weekend update

Things are nearing completion…

On Thursday, all of my office furniture was delivered and installed, and I was happily surprised to find that the children’s office has a large, l-shaped desk, a bookcase, AND a storage cabinet with doors to hide messy things.  I immediately unpacked the ten or so boxes of office stuff, and it’s looking pretty settled in there.

Also on Thursday, I received an email from the head of a local preschool.  I had known that the preschool would be donating the proceeds of their yearly fundraiser to the children’s room, for the purchase of new toys, but it wasn’t until Thursday that I found out how substantial that donation would be.  Very, very generous!  Now the children’s room will have shiny new toys to match the gorgeous decor.

And so on Friday, I went on a reconnaissance mission to make a list of toys (stuffed animals, puppets, games, puzzles, and baby toys) and “pre-shop” so that I’d have a sense of how to use the donation.  It was hard work, let me tell you.  I’m a Yankee/Pennsylvania Dutch hybrid, and spending that much money is not in my nature.  But it’s also awfully good fun to shop for toys and know that the library will finally be equipped with a variety of safe, cool, washable toys.  I’ll be doing the actual shopping trip on Wednesday, so that the toys will be in place in the building for the Grand Opening Celebration next Saturday.

Friday was also the day that the computer experts from the region moved our server and set up the connections for all of the internet-linked computers in the building.  They were very nice, efficient people, and we’re now up and running, ready to start all the computer-based tasks on Monday.

And for now, I’m trying hard to finish the book reviews that I need to write by Friday, while Jim works just on the other side of the sliding glass door removing the vinyl siding from the house.  Not only is the new library about to open, it’s also the start of project season at home, and we do have a lot of projects planned.  (Happily, the old clapboards underneath the vinyl siding are in awesome condition; looks like we’ll just have to choose a color – current color is mold-on-cheese-green – and paint.)