Super duper summer

Summer?  You bet!  I just booked the last remaining performer for the summer reading program, and I am PSYCHED!  It is going to be another awesome summer!  And those of you who read this blog are going to find out right now which performers are coming to the library this summer (and no, you can’t register for the programs yet!):

Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell – two of the town’s and my favorites will be returning for a mid-July gig, full of music and storytelling.  These guys are true professionals who always “bring it.”

Trevor the Games Man – I’ve always wanted to do a New Games-type program at the library, but I’m definitely not the person to run a program like that…and then I found Trevor, the answer to my cooperative games prayers!  He’ll be doing his “Outdoor Special,” which sounds like an absolute blast; and after that, he’ll do his Ribbon Dancer project with the kids so that they each have their own ribbon dancer to take home.  Cool.

Robert Rivest, Comic Mime – When I saw Robert’s video of his show, I knew it was exactly the right thing for the town in which I work – and I also thought that I might enjoy his show a lot, too.  He’ll be bringing his “Humorous Stories From Around the World” to our library.

Mike the Bubble Man – When I was tearing my hair out a week or two ago trying to figure out how to top last summer, Jennifer suggested a bubble man.  What an awesome idea!!  And once I got reassurance from his agent that Mike puts down tarps and brings plenty of towels, it was a go!

Audubon Ark – I haven’t finalized which of their great programs will be coming to the library this summer, but Audubon Ark never disappoints with educational and fun animal programs that allow the kids to see a couple of animals up close and personal. 

And, of course, there will be storytimes and book groups, the Ice Cream Social and the Finale Picnic, and the Tie Dye Extravaganza.  I’m also cooking up a plan to do a puppet making workshop based on some cool new puppet kits from Folkmanis, and I would love to squeeze in an origami program, too.  And hopefully Winston the therapy dog will have time in his canine schedule to do the ever-popular “Paws and Read” program.

See?  I told you it’s going to be a great summer!!

2 thoughts on “Super duper summer”

  1. Whoa, love the puppet kits — thanks for the pointer!

    And I really wish I could see the Bubble Man, but 3,000 miles is kinda far to travel….

  2. I knew you’d like those puppet kits, Dan!!!

    Bummer that you won’t make the trip to see the bubble man…I had my hopes… 🙂

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