Summer Reading School Visits!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I’ll be heading over to the elementary school to begin my class visits to promote summer reading!  I’m really looking forward to these visits, as always, because I love seeing all of the kids at the elementary school, not just the library users, and it is so much fun to read to them and talk to them about the summer.  And, it’s always nice to have a change from my usual daily routine.

I’ve picked out a bunch of great picture books to read to the classes – three or four for each grade level – and Audrey and Jennifer and I have stuffed 625 summer reading bags with the summer calendar, the summer informational letter, clock time sheets, and bookmarks.  Each child will get a bag to take home, and then  >poof<  the signups for the summer programs will begin!  Yay!!   We have SO many great programs coming up this summer, and it will be fun to observe the kids’ reactions to the program descriptions as I talk about them.  My guess is that Mike the Bubble Man’s show will get the most oooohs and aaaahs, but I’m not putting money on that guess…

And this year, like last year, I’ll be wearing special t-shirts for my school visits to help get everyone enthused about this year’s theme.  Last year I wore black and green t-shirts with recycling logos on them, which was way cool, for the summer theme of “Go Green at your Library”; this year I get to wear bright pink and bright yellow t-shirts with “One World, Many Stories” emblazoned on the front.  Not quite as hip, in my personal opinion, but I’m guessing the kids will still appreciate that I’m making the effort.

My biggest worry for this coming week is my ability to read aloud clearly, since I’m still experiencing numbness on my left lower lip and chin, due to the nerve damage from my third surgery six weeks ago.  It will take extra focus and effort to force myself to speak a little more slowly and enunciate well, which hopefully won’t distract me from reading with expression and drama.  We’ll see!!  [And I’m not commenting here on “how I’m feeling” after this last surgery, since I really, really, really don’t want to jinx myself.  ‘Nuff said.]

Here’s to summer coming!  Let’s hope that it’s the best one ever!!