Sucked in to the Twilight vortex…

So, where have I been these last few days?  Reading, reading, reading — totally consumed by and sucked into the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer.  Over three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I read the first two books, which comes to about 1000 pages, I think, and I have Eclipse at home waiting for me. 

This is my first paranormal romance (despite rumors to the contrary, Jim is NOT a vampire!), and I’m kind of enjoying it.  Reading Meyer’s books is a bit like eating those yummy fruit flavored Twizzler-type candies that we sometimes buy at Idylwilde: very addictive, can’t stop myself, but I feel a bit ill once I’m done.  Probably that ill feeling wouldn’t be there if I didn’t guzzle the books down in one sitting, but I have to know what’s going to happen next.

So my verdict on this series?  Compelling plot line, interesting premise, and a few excellent characters.  I have to admit to not liking Edward’s character much, though; to me, Jacob is far more appealing and well-rounded than the rather grumpy and two-dimensional Edward.  If I were Bella, I think I’d choose fun, sunny Jacob over boring Edward anyday.

After all this compulsive reading, I’m feeling a bit googly-eyed and incoherent, but it’s a good bet that I’ll be settling in with Eclipse next weekend…and then counting the months until the last book in the series is released.  They’re not great literature, but they are addictive and very, very fun.  Two thumbs up from me.

3 thoughts on “Sucked in to the Twilight vortex…”

  1. Rumors?? Vampires?? Apparently these books have an interesting effect. You need to go back on an Idlywilde Twizzler Bender…

  2. Yep, hard to understand why Bella chooses Edward. I enjoyed Twilight, too, but I did not have as much fun as you did — I felt that the plot dragged in the middle third of the book. The opening third of the book, where Bella moves to the small town and gets acclimated, and tries to figure out Edward, was great. The last third of the book, with a thrilling chase scene, had good plot twists and got my blood pounding. But the middle third dragged for me.

    I also wanted to see more character development in Bella. She goes through a school year filled with life-altering events, and at the end she’s still pretty much the same spunky girl she was at the beginning, with basically the same relationship with both her parents. It felt a little too much like Meyer was writing the first book in a trilogy. On the other hand, lack of character development is a common problem with genre fiction — and I’m not putting down genre fiction, I absolutely love genre fiction. Of all the genres, mystery writers seem to be the only ones who have learned how to make their recurring characters grow and change (e.g., P. D. James’s Adam Dalgliesh) — I often wish that writers in other genres would take lessons from the mystery writers in character development.

    My $.02 worth. Your mileage may vary. To mix metaphors.

  3. I agree, Dan – the plot does drag quite a bit in the middle of the first book, and both the second and third books have spots that drag, too. Once again, it feels like the author might have been given a page quota to meet? Or something like that.
    And I know what you mean about Bella. I’m halfway through the third book now, and Bella is only just now beginning to show signs of growth and change. Although I disagree with you about Bella being spunky – I find her to be a bit whiney and dependent (it irks me that she’s constantly passing out or so sleepy that someone – Edward, Alice, Jacob, whoever – has to pick her up and carry her. Oh, pleeeeease.).
    So, yes, I do enjoy the books – but I also find them to be fairly flawed. The flaws won’t stop me from reading them, but I doubt I’d ever read them a second time. 🙂

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