Our bathroom project isn’t quite done, BUT…we now have a sink!!!!!  For the first time in six months!!!!

Below is a “before” photo of the bathroom as it was – cramped, overstuffed with cabinetry, and with a rapidly decaying floor.  And then there are the three triumphant “after” photos of our almost-complete bathroom…with the new pedestal sink!!!  I don’t even want to think about what the bill will be for the plumbers; right now I just want to enjoy this gorgeous sink.  (Click on images to enlarge.)

5 thoughts on “Sink!”

  1. It is truly wonderful, Abs. Good attitude, don’t think about the bill, just enjoy washing up and looking at it! About 6 months before we moved into our new house (6 years ago) our bathroom sink plumbing totally fell apart, so we used the kitchen sink to brush our teeth and wash up. When we made the move, we almost had to retrain ourselves to use the pedestal sink in the bathroom! I love not having the clutter and it’s so easy to clean around. Love your tile floor, by the way!

  2. Carol – give it time, give it time!!! The mess will come…

    Liz – You know what I’m going to miss about brushing our teeth in the kitchen? Chatting together as we brushed. It was kinda fun to share that time every evening. And you’re right: it felt weird to use the bathroom last night. Weird but good.
    (And glad you like the floor – that was quite the hurdle for us to overcome, but now that we know how to do it we want to do the same in our kitchen…when we can afford it.)

  3. Nice sink! Nice wall color! This calls for a trip to IKEA for some cool storage containers to wrangle the mess that will invade any bathroom at any given time! Congratulations!

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