Though I was truly honored to be chosen as a reviewer for that publication I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve officially submitted my resignation to them.  After writing 15 reviews on 27 books (if you count my audition reviews, it’s really 18 reviews for 30 books) in the last three months, it was time to retire.

If I had no other commitments in my life, I think I’d actually enjoy writing reviews.  But it was just plain TOO much to try to squeeze the reading of the books, the background research, and the writing of the reviews into my already jam-packed days.  With my library and tutoring schedule, I often leave home at 9 in the morning, not to return until 8 at night, hungry for dinner.  Once dinner is in my belly, that leaves an hour or so to read review books (with my exhausted eyes) before bedtime. 

Granted, my tutoring has ended for the summer, so there’s more free time in my schedule now.  But we ARE trying to finish the painting and siding of the house, as well as the installation of the new windows that arrived on Tuesday, and the gardens need some major weeding already.

So what this all comes down to is establishing priorities in one’s life.  Life is short, and I want mine to be about more than just how many hours I can work in a week.  For me, something had to give in order to remain sane, and I chose book reviewing. 

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