On my plate

Here are the things that are on my plate at the moment (and today will be a busy day, as I catch up after being out sick for two days – some bug that totally took the starch out of me, but I’m feeling better now):

– Cultural Council grant applications: they’re due on October 15, and I’m trying to firm up a few things with my performers of choice before completing the applications

– the October calendar needs to be printed:  My portion of the calendar is ready to go, I’m just waiting on one item from an adult group that meets at the library.

– planning for the spring performers:  I’m actually almost all done with this, but am waiting to hear back from a couple of performers.

– summer reading planning:  I have some thoughts on who I’d like to schedule for this summer, and it would be awfully nice to get the summer all planned before Halloween…

– continue to study up on infant and toddler storytimes: the more research I do on these storytimes, the more excited I get about how fabulous our storytime program will be once I’ve fully implemented the changeover and become comfortable with the new formats.

– research prices on the supplemental materials needed for the “Mother Goose on the Loose” program: this program includes some great hands-on, multisensory materials, like bells and rhythm sticks and scarves, so now I need to look into how much these items will cost.  It’s a one-time expense, essential to the success of the program, but I don’t want to overspend.

– and, of course, the ongoing project of reading book reviews and ordering. 

Busy day ahead!