New murals

Great art project last Thursday during the preschool storytime – free paint.  The kids worked together on painting two large pieces of butcher paper that I had taped to two tables.  They mixed colors and painted as a team for a long time – 45 minutes or so – and by the end had produced two lovely murals for the walls of the story room.

The coolest part of these murals is that they ended up working like scratch board, since the kids took such a long time to paint.  The first layer of many wonderful colors, applied by paintbrush, had dried by the time the second layer of mostly blue was applied with hands and fingernails.  As the kids used their fingernails on that blue layer, they exposed the first, multi-colored layer.

The murals were finally dry when I arrived for work yesterday morning, so I hung them on the walls, and they really look fantastic.  Really, really fantastic.  Drop by sometime to see them!  (And I’ll also remember to bring my camera tomorrow so I can post a photo here for you out-of-town readers.)