Moving on

My tutoring gig ended for the school year (and most likely for good) on Wednesday, and school ends today, so I’m moving on to the next phase of my year:  summer reading.  Our first event is tonight – a movie night, we’re showing Bolt – and the summer reading kickoff event is scheduled for next Tuesday, though I’m guessing that it will be rained out and we’ll have to use a rain date.

At any rate, after the marathon of seven tutoring lessons in ten days, now I feel like I can breathe again.  As much as I loved working with my student, I am tired tired tired of tutoring.  It’s just too much intensity and focus on top of my full-time job which also demands intensity and focus.  I’m not quite sure how Jim and I will manage without that extra money, but sometimes, truly, the money isn’t worth the toll on the body and mind.  Last Thursday I came down with another brutal head cold, which I’ve passed on to Jim, and I’m sure that my long days of regular work and tutoring contributed to my getting sick.  (Though the main reason has to be the cute kindergartener who accidentally sprayed spit on my lower lip as he responded enthusiastically to the story I read to his class on Tuesday of last week…)  And my mind is tired, too. 

A couple of weeks from now, sans tutoring, I’m sure I’ll be my usual energetic self – hopefully healthy, too – and no doubt I’ll start to think wistfully of tutoring come September.  When that happens, please remind me that I’ve retired from tutoring in order to get my life back.  I know I’ll need that reminder.