Merry Christmas!

I had plans to take another look through my book collection this year to find more books that have been given to me as Christmas gifts – but last winter’s ice dam which caused a roof leak which made us take out the sagging damp ceiling in the porch which means that most of our bookshelves are currently under tarps…all of that means that I can’t access a large portion of my book collection at the moment.  (Ah, home repairs!)

But here is the link to last year’s Christmas post on books that I’ve received as gifts over the years.  And please, in the comments section do share any books that you received yourself this year (or in years past)!!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. I’m looking at a book you gifted your brother, Dan. It’s Letters from Father Christmas, a collection of reproduced letters written and illustrated by J.R.R. Tolkien for his children as Santa.

    You also gave him “Father Christmas” by Raymond Briggs. A great British book about Santa, the curmudgeon, and how he actually lives in Britain. So good.

  2. Ah, yes – two of my all-time favorites. Which would be why I gave them to Dan, of course! If only my copies of those two books weren’t under tarps, I’d dig them out right now and re-read them. 🙂

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