I haven’t written much about American Idol this year on my blog, but no worries – I’m as big a fan as ever, and my Idol viewing has cut dramatically into my blog writing time.

My favorite this year?  Adam Lambert, of course.

My pick for winner this year?  I actually think Kris Allen will win, and that’s just fine.  Kris is a talented, creative guy, and he deserves to have a great career.  And if Adam comes in second, he can make a better, less-rushed, album than if he won. 

So who’s tuning in on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with me?

4 thoughts on “Idol”

  1. This is the first season that I’ve been able to watch Idol since we don’t have cable. Thanks to the analog to digital conversion, this is an extra channel we were “given” with our converter box. (CW was the other one). I have to say, I’m loving Idol! And Adam had me from the first time I watched him. Kris is sweet and a good singer, but Adam’s singing hits a nerve…Wild World totally broke me up. I was missing you blogging about Idol, so happy to see this post.

  2. Owen – is that a fact? That Adam likes cats? ‘Cause if it is, I like him even more now!

    Liz – Aren’t those converter boxes great? We’ve had ours for eight months or so now, and only just discovered the cool feature of “display” and “guide.” And I agree, Adam touches a nerve. I’m a little obsessive about watching his videos on the Idol website.

  3. Like Liz, Adam had me since I first saw (and heard) him. He is scary talented – like a Nijinsky – but also seems to be good, sincere, caring person. Whatever happens tonight, I know he will be an artistic force from here on out.

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