I take it back

Did I say in my last post that summer reading was winding down and things were getting a bit quieter at the library?

Then again, maybe not.  After an extremely busy Monday, I take that back.  I saw kids today that I haven’t seen all summer – and some of those kids have read twenty hours or more so far.  And then there were the reference questions!  Tons of kids and their adults looking for books today…and happily, I was able to come through for most of them with a book in hand.  The rest have books requested for them, soon to arrive.

It was a very fun day.  Very fun.  But definitely not quiet.  And now for some rest to prepare for tomorrow, which promises to be busy again.  (Especially since the road construction seems to have come to a halt.)

P.S. Total time reading by kids in the summer reading program now stands at 3,809 hours.