Edward Scissorhands

At KMart yesterday, there was a large bin of DVDs for sale for $5.00 each, which seemed like a wonderful alternative to driving all the way across town through rush hour traffic to rent a DVD for $4.00.  (Not the usual approach my anti-clutter self takes, especially given the size of our house, but it worked for yesterday.)

So I bought two movies, Bee Season and Edward Scissorhands.  Last night was the first time I’ve ever watched Edward Scissorhands, and I really enjoyed it, though less for the story and more for the visuals and some of the acting.  I understand that it’s a “fable,” and that you’re supposed to suspend disbelief and roll with the story, but I still can’t accept the fact that The Inventor would create such a perfectly human creature without giving that creature real hands.  I know that The Inventor was inspired to create Edward after holding up a heart-shaped cookie in front of one of his other inventions, a robot which sliced and diced lettuce with his scissor hands.  But Edward is unlike that robot in every way, except for those scissorhands.  Why would the inventor saddle his creature with such a handicap?  Why would he spend time reading poetry to the young creature rather than attach “real” hands to his arms???

That aside, I love Vincent Price as the Inventor, and Johnny Depp as Edward.  And Dianne Wiest makes a lovely and believable Peg.  And I love the colors – every shade of pastel you can imagine, which juxtapose so nicely with Edward’s black and white ensemble.  And, of course, Edward’s topiary creations are just plain awesome, especially the topiary sea monster at the mansion.  I found myself paying little attention to the storyline, and instead focused my energy on enjoying the visual feast laid out by Tim Burton.

So I’m nineteen years behind in seeing this movie, but it stands the test of time well, and I’m actually glad that I purchased it and that it will live in our DVD library.  It’s always good to add a few movies here and there to Jim’s music DVD collection; helpful when I’m home sick, or when we just need something to watch on a Saturday evening.

2 thoughts on “Edward Scissorhands”

  1. I can’t believe I still haven’t seen this movie. I don’t know why I’ve been avoiding it all these years. Love Depp, Burton… I think it’s mostly because it has such a rabid following…who knows-

  2. Hey, if you ever decide you want to watch it, now you know that I own a copy…you’re welcome to borrow it anytime!!

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