The past two summers, I’ve sent out emails to friends and family members, asking for people to sponsor my summer reading and make a donation to the library’s summer charity.  I didn’t do that this year, though, partly because it seems gauche to constantly hit up the people I most care about for money, and partly because, well, times are tough and I know that most people are struggling financially these days.

So this year I’m just publishing a general call for donations.  The summer reading charity this year is the World Wildlife Fund, and we will be donating money to sponsor either a manatee, a mountain gorilla, or a polar bear.  The kids in town who are participating in the summer reading program have been voting for their choice of animal (1 vote for every 1 hour of reading), and so far the race is too close to call.  (The library donation to the World Wildlife Fund is generously donated by the Friends of the library.)

I have been keeping track of my reading hours, too, and am currently at 20 1/2 hours.  My goal is to reach 30 hours total.  I have made a personal pledge of 2 dollars for every hour that I read, so if I am able to reach my goal I will make a donation of $60.00 to the World Wildlife Fund, which will be in addition to the money donated by the Friends of the library. 

If anyone would like to make a pledge and sponsor my reading, that would be wonderful.  You needn’t even donate through me or the library; if you feel inclined to make a donation on your own to the World Wildlife Fund, and simply leave a comment here saying that you have done so, that would be terrific too.  Thank you so much for any and all support!!

5 thoughts on “Donations?”

  1. Hi Abs –
    If I do a reading pledge, what should I be reading? (I would like to do a reading pledge, actually!)

  2. Julie – It would be wonderful to help all three animals, if we can; the past two summers we were able to make a much larger donation than originally planned due to the incredible generosity of my friends and family and their sponsorship of my reading. We’ll see how it works out this year; the Friends have pledged a certain amount of money, which will not benefit all three animals (I’m going by the WWF official sponsorship donation amounts, in order to receive the tangible reward for the kids of a certificate of sponsorship).

    Jean – Hmmm… what should you be reading in terms of genre? or in terms of hours? And it would be great if you wanted to do a reading pledge! Send me an email!

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