Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

One more of my favorite feltboard creations – the pieces for Emma Dodd’s Dog’s Colorful Day.  It’s a great silly story about a white dog with one black spot on his ear who goes out for a walk in the park and gets all kinds of  spot stains on his coat, including blue paint, green grass, yellow pollen, brown chocolate, pink ice cream…you get the idea.  When I present this story to the toddler storytime, each time I add a new spot to Dog’s coat I ask the kids to help me count the total number of spots on that white dog out loud.  We also talk about the colors of each spot as it’s added to the board.  Pictured here are the spots, as well as the items that caused the spots.  Down towards the bottom of the picture are the yellow sponge that Dog’s owner uses to wash him, as well as Dog’s purple bed that he goes to sleep in after his long day.  Click on image to enlarge:


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  1. Hi Abby — Jean says to tell you about the brown/green stain I got on MY white coat yesterday. Um, okay, and the day before that TOO. Yup! I found some really stinky stuff when we were out at the barn, and I ROLLED in it. Both days! It was GREAT! I got it on my tummy, and my shoulders, and even my HEAD! I’ve had TWO baths in TWO days!

    Love, Owen

    PS and we are going to the barn again TODAY! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

  2. Owen, this is Rowan, Lizzie’s dog. She reminded me that last summer I got sprayed by a skunk point-blank and my whole head was green. This was right before her dad came to visit. I had like 4 baths in one day, and then she took me to the pond and then she made me have a tomato juice bath naked right in the yard. I did not like that one bit. The juice was cold. But I did get a new collar out of it, so I looked really good when my cousin the Schnauzer came to visit.

  3. Hi Rowan! I ate some horse poop today. Want me to send you some? It’s DEElicious!

  4. hi abby. i wanted to ask you if you could recommend a preschool aged book about dogs (fiction and non-fiction) that talk about the same concept. i.e. for butterfly: concept – life cycle of a butterfly could be for fiction Hungry caterpillar and non-fiction Life Cycle of a Butterfly (Blastoff! Readers: Life Cycles).
    I wanted to do Dog’s colorful day or Harry the Dirty dog but couldnt find a dog concept I can tie it too.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Pia,
    That’s a really tough question, actually – and I’m trying to think of an answer from home, which is always harder than at work with the books in front of me…
    Hardworking Puppies by Lynn Reiser is the first fiction book that jumped into my mind, though I don’t have any specific thoughts on a non-fiction book to go with it; but if you found a great nonfiction book on therapy dogs or other working dogs, that would do the trick. Or if you’re willing to bend things a bit, you could use one of Robert Blake’s picturebooks, like Akiak, Swift, or Togo – though they are classified as fiction, there is a strong connection with real life in each book.
    There’s also a book I used a very long time ago (it seems) for a storytime: Good Dog, Paw by Chinlun Lee. You could pair it with a book on a veterinarian, like maybe Vicky the Vet by Felicity Brooks (Usborne Publishing).
    I’ll keep thinking, and if anything else comes to mind, I’ll post another reply. Good luck!!!!

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