Despicable Me

I’m going to make this post short and sweet:  I love, love, LOVE the movie Despicable Me.  After Friday’s movie night showing at the library, I have now seen it two and a half times – and I love it even MORE than I did after the first time.  I almost never buy DVDs for myself, but I’ve decided that I need to own this one.

And I’m not alone in loving this movie – the movie night crowd was the most attentive I’ve ever seen them.  Ever.  And there were some YOUNG kids in the crowd (two and three year olds) who lasted through the entire film without complaint or wiggles.  Best of all, there were some real fans of the film in the audience, who called out lines like:  “Lightbulb!!”  and “He’s so FLUFFY!!!”  It was a really, really fun time – the best possible way for me to see a favorite movie one half more time (I was on front-door-of-the-library-duty for the first half of the movie).

And the moral of this post is:  if you haven’t seen Despicable Me yet, you need to.  If you’ve already seen it, then you need to watch it again.

2 thoughts on “Despicable Me”

  1. Even if you don’t like Pixar-style animation because it reminds you the dawn of the Borg is upon us?

  2. Well, in this case, it’s worth just letting go of those cyborg-feelings and enjoying this very funny movie. Trust me!!!!

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