Busy week

Only time for a brief entry this morning:  this is the week that I visit each class at the elementary school to promote the summer reading program, which means getting to work an hour earlier than usual…which is, of course, my daily blog time. 

It’s so much fun visiting the classes this year, since at least half of the kids in each class already know who I am (as opposed to last year, my first year, when very few kids knew me).  And this year I’m reading a variety of stories aloud, as the whim strikes.  Last year I only read one book to every single class, Beatrice’s Goat, as an introduction to Heifer International and the then-new charity component of summer reading.  Since most kids remember Beatrice’s Goat this year, all I have to do is hold it up, talk for a minute about this year’s Heifer donation, then slide on in to a great read-aloud story.  Aaaaah.

More updates on the school visits as time permits – for now, it’s time to head to school!