Boston adventure, upcoming

From Liz’s comment on my last post, I can see that maybe I made too much of my upcoming visit to Simmons – it’s nothing huge and exciting like grad school (though it would be heavenly to go back to grad school), nor as amazing as having a teaching gig at Simmons (wouldn’t that be something!), but I am pretty psyched for it.  I’ll be attending the Children’s Literature Summer Institute this week, which I’ve only done once before, when I was enrolled in the children’s literature graduate program at Simmons.  I have vivid and terrific memories of that institute all those years ago, and I’m really looking forward to this one, though for different reasons.  The first time around, I was a starry-eyed children’s literature theorist in the making; this time I’m a pragmatic seasoned children’s librarian who spends more time running programs than thinking deep thoughts about children’s literature.  So I’m hoping to get my love of and enthusiasm for children’s literature reinvigorated, and I’m also hoping to meet some new people and make some “professional connections” at the breakout sessions of the same name.  And, of course, listening to all of those incredible authors and getting to meet a few of them isn’t bad, either.  And I’m sure I’ll be toting home a few signed books (though Abby-on-a-budget already bought several at the used book store in order to prevent full-price impulse purchases at the event).

Now if only I could remember how to get to Simmons…it’s that pesky little part after exiting Storrow Drive east at the Fenway exit that’s got me stumped….

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  1. Ah, this sounds even better! Enthusiasm will be revived without being bogged down writing papers or grading them! I used to live in the Fenway and was trying to think through the directions to refresh your memory…but mine isn’t so great anymore. The good news is their website has excellent directions: Can you tell I’m the oldest in my family? Talk about control freak! Have a wonderful time, Abs. Looking forward to hearing about this excellent adventure!

  2. Park at Alewife and take the Red then Green line to Museum. Bring a book for the train.

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