Before I talk about Silverfin…

I’m in the midst of reading Silverfin by Charlie Higson (“A James Bond Adventure”), in preparation for the 6th grade book group meeting on Tuesday, and I’ll be writing about the book here once I’ve finished it.  But until then, here are photos of my two latest jewelry creations.  The necklace with the red crystal beads is a prototype of my own design, rather flawed – but it was a great learning experience, and great fun to create my own woven design.  The copper diamond pendant necklace is currently wending its way to my sister’s house via first class mail (click on images to enlarge):

4 thoughts on “Before I talk about Silverfin…”

  1. Carol – I think I’ve figured out a cool pendant I can make from your turquoise beads…stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous, Abs! I hope Jean will model her piece when it arrives. It’s so cool to be experiencing your learning curve with this new jewelry venture. Keep at it!

  3. I haven’t figured out what to wear it with yet, but the necklace is prominently displayed on one of my horsies in the house. Thank you!

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