Towards the end of yesterday’s preschool storytime (a mid-afternoon storytime), one of my regular attendees fell sound asleep.  Completely and totally out.  He had lain down on his belly, head on his arms, to listen to the last story, and before I knew it, he was napping.

He even slept through the fingertasting session, with all the rest of the kids giggling madly at what they tasted like yesterday, and he slept through the raucous closing song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  I didn’t want him to be startled awake, so we switched the last verse to:  “If you’re happy and you know, whisper ‘Hurray!’,” as opposed to our usual “Shout ‘Hurray!’.”  He even slept through the clean up process, as his friends tip-toed around him to put the carpet squares back in the pile.  He finally woke up when his mom came into the room and picked him up off the floor.

Just about the cutest moment I’ve ever seen in one of my storytimes.  (And no, I don’t think he was bored to sleep!)