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Idol update

A couple more hours lost to Idol this week; it was a good escape, but it certainly wasn’t thrilling this week.  The only clear favorite, in my mind, was the guy who had sung as a back-up singer for Christina Aguilera.  No one else had fabulous talent (though I suspect they’re withholding the clips of the talented people until “Hollywood week”).

But how heartbreaking was the sixty-four year old guy who sang for his recently departed lady love?  That one got to me (many kleenex used), though I don’t really understand his motivation for auditioning.  What mattered was that his emotion was true, and his voice was sweet and heartfelt.

And since I’m multi-tasking right now:

JUST announced on the Today show:  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released at midnight on July 21, 2007.

And Al Franken will run for Senate.

That’s enough pop culture for one day.

The Pats

What a bummer…seeing the Pats lose to the COLTS just now.  And it seemed like we might be able to have a fun Superbowl party this year.  Guess not.  Sigh.
But congrats to Tom and Bill and all the Pats for a great season.  Thanks, guys!