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A new home for “Children and Books”

A week ago, my blog stopped functioning. I couldn’t add new posts, and couldn’t edit old ones. My administration team and I finally figured out that the old site could not be saved, so we installed an entirely new blog. Gradually, I’ll be moving old posts over to this new site. And of course I’ll be adding new posts here as well.

Stay tuned for more “Children and Books”!

Back online…with style

Well, it took awhile, but I’m finally back online, and posting to my blog with the help of Microsoft Word.  In the past, using our ancient computer, I had to write all of my blog entries while online, posting directly onto WordPress.  (Our old computer was so outdated that it didn’t have enough memory to install a word processing program.)  Not only was it a bit precarious, since a slipped mouse click could lose my posting, it was also not particularly comfortable.  Our “computer room” is the supposed four season porch at the front of our small home, and, being a porch, it’s not well insulated.  Boiling hot and stuffy in the summer (the windows don’t work very well), and freezing cold in the winter (even with fuzzy slippers on, I have to prop my feet up off the floor to prevent chilled extremities).  Not an ideal situation, and not conducive to excellent blog entries in the summer or winter. 

Now, though, we have a fabulous new computer – a laptop.  Through much persistence, I was able to get a phenomenal deal on this laptop through Dell, and it ended up being even cheaper than an equivalent desktop.  Yay me.  So I’m writing this post in my favorite Ikea chair while sitting by the cozy woodstove, with the ability to spell check and edit and revise without losing my patience at our slow internet connection.  (Though Pippa-cat isn’t too thrilled at losing my lap to the computer, but she’ll just have to get used to the cat cushion on the floor.)

My brother Dan tells me that it’s advisable to create back entries to cover days that one was unable to post to a blog, so as I’m adding my usual daily “front” entries, I will also be trying to create back entries for the computerless days between Thanksgiving and today.  Thanks for your patience during that month!