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Technical detail

Due to space restrictions, my blog guru and I recently deleted all of the files associated with my original blog address.  If you still have that original address bookmarked on your computer, rather than the new address, you will encounter a strange-looking screen when you try to access my blog.

Hopefully, those of you whom this affects will find your way to my homepage, and from there to the correct blog address.  Please do use this address to access my blog in the future:


A perfect storm of events

Oh my oh my oh my.

This week is a perfect storm of events:  the Tad Hills author visit, three storytimes and the Saturday Storytime, the teen book group, Friday movie night (Ratatouille), Thursday game hour…and four nights of tutoring in my after-library hours.


I’ll do my best to post entries this week, but I very well may not have time…please bear with me!

Sick, and lagging behind

As you may have noticed, there have been few posts in the last week.  I’m fighting a tenacious cold, and I just don’t have the energy to write a coherent post while getting better and working more than full time.  Please stay tuned, I’ll begin writing again when I’ve recovered!!


Warning: the word “snarky” will be overused in this entry.  I can’t help myself: the sound of the word snarky is just too delicious. 


While I gain a certain amount of satisfaction from writing this blog, I do feel quite constrained by the confines of political correctness.  A lot of snarky lies within my soul – a lot of snarky - and I long to release it upon this blog, yet my role as a public figure prevents me from unleashing the snark.  Had I thought more about this back at the beginning, perhaps I would have set up this blog [actually, asked my brother to set up this blog…] as an anonymous production.  Though, of course, this is a professional development tool for me, and anonymity would remove that practical element.  Those of you have been with this blog since the beginning will note that I have deleted any specific mention of the library for which I work or the town in which it is located; the closest to anonymity that I can come, seeing as my domain name is my name.

Why anonymity?  Children’s librarians are often perceived as being sweet and non-confrontational, and snarkiness does not fall into the usual children’s librarian’s job description.  Writing as myself, I am well aware of the eyes that see this blog, and am loathe to offend those eyes or cause any sort of controversy: I feel obligated to support the image of me as sweet and kind and unexceptionable.

Yet I long to push the envelope.  On Thursday, Roger Sutton published this entry on his blog, Read Roger:   Controversial?  Yes.  Funny?  Yes.  Did it incite discussion?  Yes.  I’m not saying that I’d publish an entry along those lines, exactly, but merely that I’d love to air the snarky without worries.  Sutton’s reputation stands on firm enough ground that not only can he publish such an entry, but he can also link his blog to the website of the Horn Book Magazine.  What grand freedom.  My reputation, on the other hand, is in its infancy, and given my age upon beginning this profession, it probably won’t mature much past toddler-hood before it’s time for me to retire.  (Not that I’ll be able to retire, ever, in this financial climate…oops, was that a bit of snark creeping in???)

Pushing the envelope doesn’t always have to mean being snarky, though, I’ll admit.  On Friday, my clever brother posted this video to his blog:   Dang!  Wicked creative.  I’d love to think that the only thing standing between me and such creativity is my lack of a video camera and video editing software and gobs of time, but truth is that Dan’s mind works on levels that I can only dream of. 

So I guess I’ll just have to continue to muddle along with non-controversial entries, while my soul longs to be snarky.  How did you like that book you just read, Abby?  Oh, my, I LOVED it [not!  can’t think of a more boring book! – says the inner snark]  How was your day at work, my dear?  Wonderful, as always!  [hmmm, well, actually, it wasn’t a banner day – I was cranky and the air conditioning gave me a stiff neck]  And that performer who came last month?  Oh, my, such a wonderful job!  [dang – I was bored to TEARS!!]

You get the idea.  You’ll just have to read between the lines.  Just remember that the snarky is there, somewhere.

The continuing saga

It’s raining, so I’m working on posting back entries again.  Just a quick note about this:  it’s proving to be more tedious than I ever thought to reinstate these old entries to my blog, so I’ve made the executive decision to no longer reinstate the comments that accompanied each entry.  It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate the comments, because I do, but I just want this process to be over.

In other news, my poor husband just suffered yet another injury: while walking out the door to powerwash the house (what better time to powerwash than in the rain?), he slipped on the steps and crashed down on his back and arm.  Quite some bruises have already appeared on his forearm, and his back is definitely very painful.  But he’s still out powerwashing, bless him, since we’re running out of painting time for the exterior of the house.  Note to self: stay in this house for many years, in order to better appreciate all the hard work that we’ve poured into it.

Upcoming blog entries will discuss reuniting with my tutoring students, the after school crunch, the 5th grade book group’s opinions on The Diamond in the Window, and the fifth quarter report on how my first toddler storytime went…

On vacation

I had hoped to catch up with blog entries this week, since Jim and I are on vacation, but our home improvement projects are taking up a bit more time than I had anticipated.  (Today we worked on installing new clapboards up to the peak on the front of the house, struggling with the shallow angle of the roof and with the gawking of the NStar crews upgrading the power lines along our street.)

With that in mind, this blog is officially on vacation until Monday, August 27.  See you here again then!

Back entries

I have some time tonight to work on reinstating back blog entries that were lost to cyberspace a few months back.

Please note that I’m taking the easy way out when it comes to entering comments for these older entries: even when there were multiple comments for one entry, I’m entering all comments in one big lump.  Comments are still attributed to their authors, but I’m not able to duplicate links to websites.

Also, it’s difficult to ensure that all paragraph breaks are correct in each post, since I’m running each through Notepad to remove all Word notations.  Ok, it’s not difficult, just time-consuming, and there’s only so much energy I’m willing to put into this process!

Blog update

My apologies for not having uploaded all of my past posts (those that were almost lost when my original blog crashed): I’ve been waiting for a rainy weekend day to complete the tedious process of transferring each old entry from Word to Notepad to WordPress.  But it’s been a beautiful, dry, sunny summer, and Jim and I are making the most of the good weather to finish the house painting and the installation of the new windows.  Here’s a heartfelt promise that I’ll use the next rainy Saturday or Sunday to move some posts back into the land of the reading!

The nightmare that is my blog: a cautionary tale

As some of you may have noticed, there have been some funky things going on with my blog of late.  It all began when I decided to sit outside on the deck one afternoon with my laptop to write a blog entry.  Since we have dial-up service at our house (dark ages, I know), I wrote the entry in Word, then later went into the house and cut-and-pasted the entry into my blog software. 

Now, it should be noted, I had done this before – several times before, though not recently.  Mostly I write my blog entries directly into the WordPress software, but I had successfully used the Word technique in January and February of this year.

But the most recent time I used it, for an ill-fated entry titled “Yellow Star,” I managed to cause the death of my blog.  Apparently there are some hidden Word commands that WordPress can’t understand, and the end result of these communication issues for me was that I could no longer log on to my blog.

Dennis of Deerfield Hosting did all that he could to help me, and went way above and beyond the call of duty to help.  When Dennis figured out what had happened to my blog, and told me that it couldn’t easily be fixed, I dialed 1-800-call-Dan and begged my ever-patient, ever-wise big brother for help.

Dan set me up with a new blog (you’ll notice that the address is now, not /blog), and gave me specific instructions on how to transfer over entries from my old blog to my new one.  But I’m the youngest in the family, and a bit stubborn and impetuous at times, and I didn’t fully obey Dan’s wise instructions.

Once I saw that it was going to take weeks, if not many months, to transfer my old entries over, and once I figured out that my own family members (husband, father, and sister included) had not yet found the blog’s new location, I sent an email to Dennis to see if he could put a note on my old blog to send readers to my new blog.

Bad Abby.  Bad, bad Abby.  Dan told you to wait to do this until AFTER moving all the entries over!!

Dennis very kindly responded to my request by redirecting all traffic from my old blog over to my new blog address.  Wonderful!  Now people can find me!  But wait – oh, no!  Now I can’t access my old entries!!!  All is lost, lost I tell you, a year’s worth of writing gone – fffttt – into cyber-oblivion!  Oh, woe is me, why didn’t I listen to my brother???

You guessed it: I called Dan again.  Dan is amazing, and I owe him BIG TIME.  He suggested that I google my blog and search for cached entries.  And that I do this fast, since those cached entries won’t last forever.

At first Dan’s advice didn’t seem to work.  My jaw clenched, some bad words came spitting out of the corners of my mouth, and my husband beat a hasty and well-timed retreat to an early bedtime.  Smart man. 

But after 3 hours of fusting around, doing some creative google searches for my blog, I’ve finally been able to copy all of my archived entries (I think) into several Word documents that I’ve titled “desperate,” “desperate 2,” “desperate 3,” and so on.  There’s no rhyme or reason to the order of the entries I’ve copied, since I searched by categories, months, and finally exact dates, and there are many duplications along the way.  Sorting this mess out will be much like untangling a large skein of kite string after the kite has gone crashing down into the ocean and dragged and sputtered across the beach. 

And, of course, I’d be a fool to use those Word files to reinstate my blog entries into WordPress.  My plan is to retype everything directly into the blog software (luckily I’m a fast typist) over the next few months.  Tedious, to be sure.  And, sorry to say, I’ve lost many of your comments along the way, since the links from each entry to the comments no longer function.  My apologies, and my regret: the reader comments are usually the best part of this blog.

At any rate, let my experience be a lesson to you.  Never let Word and WordPress communicate with each other, and always listen to your big brother. 

Man, am I going to be tired tomorrow.

Dear Readers…

Well, my blog chose a terrible time to crash:  right before the start of summer reading.  Without a doubt, this is my most stressful time of year, as I finish all the last minute preparations for the summer program. 

Please bear with me as I try to juggle my huge schedule right now; I’ll do my best to add some new entries here, and to also move older entries over from my original blog.  🙂